Global Warming vs. Social Security

Media Research Center, a news watchdog organization that tracks liberal bias, notes a skewed sense of priority by the ABC Network in today's Cyber Alert.

Later in the Cyber Alert, we hear about ABC's Good Morning America program and its story on global warming.

Still no mention about Alan Greenspan's endorsement of President Bush's Social Security reform plan.

So, let's review. The Joint Economic Committee found that in 2018, Social Security will be paying out more than it takes in, and by 2042, the entire system would be bankrupt. The EPA funds a study that suggests that the city of Boston will be devastated by flooding around the 2100.

Now, liberals will tell you that Bush is lying about Social Security, and that it's not in danger right now, so we need not change it. Those same liberals, however, will tell you that we need to do somethign right away about global warming. According to the liberally biased ABC News, mentioning the very significant endorsement by Alan Greenspan of President Bush's Social Security reform (reform that if does not take place will result in the program's bankruptcy by 2042) was not deemed to be newsworthy, but the myth of Global Warming flooding Boston (the EPA suggests will occur by 2100) was worth reporting.

The ABC Network... skewed priorities.