The Politics of Self-Destruction

They've been working on it since the re-election of George W. Bush sent them spinning into outer space on an insane voyage further left than their party has been in recent memory. Now, with the election of the primal-screaming clown prince of the leftists as chairman the Democratic National Committee nearly complete, it's official -- much to my delight and the delight of other conservatives, the crack-up of the Democratic Party has officially begun.

The people spoke on Nov. 2 and the map tells the tale:

Despite the weaselly attempts to smear the president; despite the gerrymandering of the vote by liberal groups; despite their every attempt to win this election, the liberals lost because the overwhelming majority of the people in this country support the president and his agenda for freedom around the world and for his proven agenda of economic growth here at home. But regardless of this, the leftists are racing to the left faster than ever as the triumph of the screamer over more moderate candidates for chair of the New American Commie Party indicates. These folks are leftists and damn proud of it.

Their soon-to-be party chair, who claimed that, as Bill Clinton was the first "black" president so he wanted to be the first "gay" president, is now about to become one of the many "gay" chairpersons of the Democratic Party, succeeding the weasel Eddie Haskell clone Terry McCauliffe whose adventures in corporate profiteering would make even the folks at Enron blush.

If Dean had his way, the rape rooms and torture chambers of Iraq would still be open for business and Iraqis would still be dreaming of democracy while we begged Saddam pretty please to stop being a brutal dictator. In fact, this moron has said that in today's world political climate we may have to just accept the fact that, someday, we may not have the world's strongest military and that's okay. Dean opposes George Bush's tax cuts and thinks that the economic policy that has the economy back on the right track is completely wrong. Despite the fact that marriage protection amendments are passing by overwhelming majorities everywhere they are put up for a vote -- even in blue states -- the first "gay" failed Democrat presidential candidate is obviously on the losing side of the issue. And this commited peacenick leftist is the guy the Deomcrats apparently want to run their party.

The newest ultra-lib to be placed at the helm of the Democratic Party is joined in his race to jump over the edge of the leftist fringe by the folks the Democrats elected as their leaders. We all know that Nancy Pelosi is as left as you can get. Dirty Harry Reid, widely regarded before he assumed the chair formerly held by the deposed Tom Daschle as "moderate", "reasonable" and "honest" has quickly turned into a Daschle clone -- that is to say liberal, unreasonable and dishonest. The only thing more bulbous and flabby than Ted Kennedy's alcohol-drenched nose and face is his pomposity and arrogance and the putridity of his gaseous liberal rhetoric. And the spectacle of the leftist Babs Boxer and ex-Klansman Robert Byrd wasting the senate's time raking a black woman over the coals simple because she was black and conservative was both infuriating and amusing and couldn't have won them any brownie points considering Americans give new secretary of state Dr. Condoleeza Rice a 59% approval rating. Yes it seems that the new direction of the Democratic Party is straight off the cliff on the left side of the political spectrum.

Despite this, there is a good chunk of the Democratic Party who know their party is headed in the wrong direction and realize that the way they need to move-- or at least lead people to believe they are moving -- is in the direction of the majority of the electorate -- to the right. The anointed queen of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is one of these folks. In her rabid pursuit of the 2008 Democratic Party presidential nomination, she's racing to the right as fast as the rest of her party is racing to the left which means that the eventual total crack-up of this wacky political party though a few years off is sure to be amusing as hell. It reminds me of some slapstick cartoon starring Tom the cat (the leftists) and Wyl E. Coyote (the Hillary wing) racing away from each other with their tails tied together while chasing after Jerry the mouse and the Roadrunner (the Democratic electorate). But the slapstick crack-up of the Democratic Party is sure to be a hell of a lot funnier. I'm looking forward to it.